Dedicated to Serving the Public and First Responder Community


BORDER TACTICAL is a uniform and tactical supplier for first responders, DHS, military personnel, and the active lifestyle public. 

We are equipped with a fully functional indoor firing range, FFL firearms dealer and offer alteration and embroidery services in house.


BORDER TACTICAL is a uniform and tactical supplier for first responders, DHS, military personnel, and the active lifestyle public. We are equipped with a fully functional indoor firing range, FFL firearms dealer and offer alteration and embroidery services in house.

Gun Range

Use our shooting range lanes and rent our firearms and equipment.


Learn the safety rules, and fundamentals of shooting through our classes.


Come and see our selection of uniforms, equipment, and tactical accessories.

Licensed FFL

We are a licensed FFL (Federal Firearms License) and sell firearms in store as well as accept firearms transfers from outside dealers.





10 AM - 2 PM

925 N. Imperial Ave., El Centro, CA - (760) 353-4884
$100 all inclusive: 
Firearm, ammunition, instruction, range time.
You will learn the safety rules, terminology, how a handgun works, types of ammo and the fundamentals of shooting. We will use a Glock 44 (.22Ir) pistol which you will become familiar with and learn to safetly load and unload. After classroom instruction, we will go into the indoor shooting range and fire off 20 rounds per student. This is a great way to learn about firearms, practice safe shooting, and have an enjoyable time in the process. 
Glock 44 is provided but you may use a complementary rental chambered in 9mm with the purchase of ammunition at range counter.
For your Safety in the Range: 

No Sandals - No Tank Tops - No Midriffs
(Must be 11 and over)
Next Classes
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Saturday 14


We are a public range with memberships available to purchase


Lane per hour - $20 Additional persons $17 (Up to 3 people per lane)
All gun rentals - $20 (Rental Policies, Please see Range FAQs)
Qualify Bay Rental (Agencies Only) - $114 per hour *
Tactical Bay Rental (Gov. Agencies Only) - $138 per hour *
* Must call ahead for availability and to schedule with GM, Chanel Chastain.
Classroom Hourly - $20 *
Classroom Halfday - $80 *
Classroom Full Day - $160 *
Monthly Membership - $25
6 Month Range Membership - $155
Annual Range Membership - $280
Membership benefits:
- Reduced firearm & ammunition transfer fees.
- Members shoot free and member guests shoot 50% off.
- 10% off regularly priced items (not including firearms), 5% off firearm purchases, 50% off firearm rental fees (firearm rental terms apply).
Firearm Storage Policy
A monthly fee of $25 will be charged for all firearms stored in our armory that remains unfiled and no communication has been made by buyer for 30 days.
    Exemptions include but are not limited to:
Individuals with multiple firearms awaiting the 30-day restriction.
Individuals with documentation issues they are actively resolving. 


Or conduct a Private Party Sale to another person


Valid CA Real ID/Drivers Licence with current address. IF YOUR IDENTIFICATION IS NOT THE "CA REAL ID" OR IS A "FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY" must provide additional documents per California requirements by FFL Dealer Request. The additional document requirements are found on the CADOJ firearms website. (US passport, US Birth Certificate), SENTRI CARDS ARE NOT APPROVED. ALL DOCUMENTS MUST HAVE IDENTICAL, MATCHING NAMES, NO EXCEPTIONS!


Your Drivers License, ID Birth Certificate, Passport Card, Proofs of Residence, FSC Cards all must have name matching each other.


Government issued address correction if not current on valid Divers License. (CA DMV Vehicle REG, CA DMV address correction printout from DMV, City Utility Bill) All documents must have your name and current address on them and date within 90 days. For more info refer to CA DOJ Firearms website. 


Valid FSC (Firearms Safety Certificate), or "FSC Exemption" off of the CADOJ website.

Study Guide: Google Search  "CADOJ FSC Study Guide"

Valid/Current hunting license will work for rifles/shotguns. If you do not have either, the test is administered at "NEW BORDER TACTICAL" FOR $25 anytime we are open. For guards requireing DROS Process, you will need a "Valid Guard Card and Exposed Carry Permit".


A 2ND PROOF OF RESIDENCY is also required if purchasing a handgun. (The CA DMV REG and City Bill will correct and work as the 2nd proof as well).


For your firearms that do not come with a factory lock you will need to either purchase one from us or provide us a safe/make and model per CA DOJ requirements.


At the time of delivery, unless otherwise noted you will have to demonstrate "SAFE HANDLING" before taking possesion of firearm. That is also found on the CA DOJ firearms website. 
Please be advised that the person registering the firearm will be responsible for paying all transfer fees related to the firearm tranaction. There are additional fees for multiple firearms won. Firearms need to have paperwork initiated within 30 days of event otherwise a $15/per day per firearm fee will be incured. If you have any questions regarding details, please fell free to contact us at the store:


Our lane rental is $15 for the 1st shooter, $12 additional shooters. We allow 3 people & 1 firearm per lane. We do not allow solo shooters unless you have an active range membership/ active law enforcement/ military, otherwise, you will need to have a shooting buddy with you to use our firearms and equipment.
No, we rent firearms here as long as you have basic safety knowledge, complete a staff-guided functions demonstration, and meet the above-mentioned criteria.
Yes, the rates are $25/handguns, $25/rifles. If you rent our firearms, you have to use our ammo as well. Personal ammo is not authorized for store owned firearms.
We offer monthly beginners classes. They are posted on flyers at Range Counter and on our Facebook page. (Inquire with Range Division Staff)
Yes as long as you posses a valid government ID and meet the basic safety/ shooting experience level requirement. Non-US persons cannot take any firearm component or shell casings with them.
YES! A valid Drivers License, Government issued ID source is required. Any identification with the words “FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY” MUST have a US birth certificate or US passport in conjunction. SENTRI CARDS are not approved by the Federal government for official firearm/ammo paperwork.
If a DL or ID is expired, it is INVALID! If it has a hole punched in it, it is INVALID! If you do not have the physical DL/ID in hand, you cannot use a temporary DL/ID.
The correct address is only an issue if you plan on purchasing a firearm or doing any firearm paperwork. There are government issued documents that can correct the address.
YES! All firearms need to be in some type of carrying container and UNLOADED before entering the building.
The youngest age allowed into the range is 11 years of age and everyone needs to have already had basic shooting experience and safety knowledge. Instruction is not authorized in this facility unless the instructor has an official certification. All other rates will apply at that point. Individuals under 18 cannot be left alone on the range at any time.
Closed toe shoes, casual attire (low-cut clothing may subject shooter to burns).
Yes, during pre-scheduled classes only. Walk-Ins are not available.
You will need to have already studied online at the CADOJ Firearms website. You will pay a$25 testing/certificate fee good for 2 attempts at the test.
No you do not. As long as the store is open you can request the exam. All fees apply.
No, as long as the store is open, not under maintenance and does not have a pre-scheduled Agency present you can shoot here.
There are a variety of things required. (1) Valid CA Drivers License or ID w/current address, (2) FSC card or Exemption, (3) Handguns require a 2nd Proof of Residence verification. These are the minimum requirements. Additional documents may be requested by Range Staff.
21 for a Handgun or a Receiver. 21 (or California exemption) for a Rifle/or Shotgun
The same as to purchase a firearm.
NO, you must be a US Citizen with valid identification to purchase firearms components.
NO, you must be a US Citizen with valid identification to purchase ammunition or components.
Currently we are not accepting special order on firearms or accessories. We are a licensed FFL dealer who accepts in state and out of state transfers on all CA approved firearms. Be sure to check all CADOJ firearm laws before placing order.


We partner with Bushido Training Group who does CCW, tactical handgun, and lowlight classes here at the store.
Bushido Training Group



Store: (760) 353-4884
Apparel: (760) 353-9482



925 North Imperial Avenue
El Centro, CA 92243

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